You will find in this section all available versions of WebAlbumWizard for download. You are strongly advised to always use the lastest version, but you can still download older versions if you really need it.

Up to date versions :

     Change Log

Version 1.2.9
- Add: Localization engine.
- Add: French & English translations.
- Add: French localization of the two existing skins (until i find a better way to handle it).
Version 1.1.13
- Add: Exif_Description tag in the skin Basic and skin Gradient.
- Modified: "Root web path" in "Images source folder".
- Add: When changing a skin in the Project settings dialog, the custom variables will be automaticaly reseted.
Version 1.1.12
- Initial version.

Older versions available :

How to create you own skin documentation: