Things to develop

Here you can find a list of the things which are planned on the developpement list. Please note that the order is not significative, there is no priority system at this moment.

  • FTP publishing.
  • Somthing to stop long processes.
  • Add a special file for public variables declaration (Skin dev related).
  • Add progress bar when possible.
  • Enable the skin to suggest thumbnails size.
  • Better EXIF parsing.

Known bugs

You will find here the list of all known bugs. They'll be fixed as fast as possible, according to my free time, and they will generaly be integrated in an intermediate release, depending on the bug severity.

  • No known bugs at this time.

Suggestions ?

If you have any suggestion, ideas, skins, bug reports, send a mail to photogenhelp at (replace the "at" by @)
You have a design idea, but you don't feel confident with the script ? Send me your design formated in some HTML pages describing what you would like, and -if my free times allows it- i may do the script needed for you.