18-10-05: New release !

      WebAlbumWizard goes 1.2 ! Since many people requested it, WebAlbumWizard now supports full localization. This new release, labeled version 1.2.9 comes with two translations, English and French. WebAlbumWizard need your help to increase it's languages catalog, feel free to send your traductions to photogenhelp @ free.fr , it'll be added in the next releases as well as a credit. As usual, you can find this release on the Download page !

27-09-05: Service release!

      A litte update for WebAlbumWizard, which goes version 1.1.13, is available right now! This version contains :
- Add: Exif_Description tag in the skin Basic and skin Gradient.
- Modified: "Root web path" in "Images source folder".
- Add: When changing a skin in the Project settings dialog, the custom variables will be automaticaly reseted.
See you on the Download page to benefit from this update !

01-09-05: Documentation online

      A first try of documentation has just been added, it's really simple, and doesn't cover all the aspects of WebAlbumWizard, but it's a starting point for all the new users !

10-08-05:Site update

      Compatibility problems with IE ... This site have been slightly modified to enable IE to display it more correctly. It's not 100% accurate yet, but it's a lot better.

10-08-05:WebAlbumWizard Version 1.1 !

      It's official, the version 1.1 of WebAlbumWizard is available for download right now ! All comments are welcome, don't hesitate to send your impressions to the mail indicated in the section "about" of WebAlbumWizard.
Changes includes some adjustments on default parameters, in order to match the needs of most people.

10-08-05:Version 1.0 !

      First official public version of WebAlbumWizard is available !

20-07-05:Beta Test

      Tests started ! For now, everything is going fine :o)

10-07-05:Dev is going on !

      A first version will soon be available for everyone. The engine is fully fonctionnal, some slight tweaks are still to be done, but we are close now.

10-07-05:First version of website

      Right, this is really an early version of the site, but it's here ;) Plus it enables me to test the "news entries" ;)